Dating i danmark Slagelse

It is not unknown precisely how long the whole construction work took, but it seems likely that the dating to around 980 explains the function of the fortresses.

dating i danmark Slagelse

It is possible that the absence of written sources can be explained by the fact the fortresses were apparently only in use for a very short time, perhaps for as little as 10-15 years.According to tradition, Harald was killed in battle, when a quick-witted warrior shot him in the back with an arrow as he answered a call of nature.This story is known from several written sources, in particular the Jomsvikinga Saga, which identifies Harald’s killer as Palnatoke, a magnate from Funen.On the large rune stone at Jelling Harald claims to have "unified all of Denmark and Norway and turned the Danes to Christianity".Thus the ring fortresses may be seen as part of his effort to subjugate minor kings and local chieftains and enforce a strong central crown.

Dating i danmark Slagelse

The ring fortresses testify to the animosity which Harald’s efforts were met with, and it is not surprising that the gathering of the kingdom led to rebellion and civil war.The rebelling army was led by Sweyn Forkbeard, Harald’s son.Along with the Jellinge monuments and Dannevirke the fortresses tell of an exciting and pivotal period in Danish and European history. dating for aktive mennesker Rødovre There are no contemporary written sources mentioning the ring fortress, which may seem odd considering the enormous effort behind the construction.To learn more about the fortress visit the museum at the Trelleborg.

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