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The champions and the runners-up of both divisions were promoted to the 2. In 2008, the Regionalliga was demoted to become the fourth tier of football in Germany after the introduction of a new nationwide 3. However, there was an expansion to three divisions: "Covering" means that the single divisions will be annually re-aligned to geographic location by a DFB committee in order to have 18 teams assigned to each division every year.

This may lead to teams assigned to a division other than their geographical one.

The five Regionalligas from 2012 are: Some regional football associations, like the Bavarian one, have also made changes to the league system below the Regionalliga in their area.

The Bavarian FA is introduction two Bayernligas below the Regionalliga and increasing the number of Landesligas from three to five below the new Verbandsligas.

This license is granted if the club can prove that they are financially sound, that their stadium conforms to the security regulations, and that they have a working youth section.The champions of the South and West/Southwest divisions were automatically promoted, however, along with one of the two runners-up. private fickanzeigen Regensburg The champions of the North and Northeast divisions had a play-off to decide who would get the fourth promotion spot.In 2000 the number of Regionalligas was reduced to two: The new divisional alignment was not bound to certain states any more so teams could be moved between the divisions in order to balance club numbers.This led to some clubs in the Southern division being geographically further north than some northern clubs, and vice versa.

Fürstenwalde single

An example for this is BV Cloppenburg, who was assigned to the Western division for the 2008–09 season despite being located in Niedersachsen.In October 2010, yet another reform of the Regionalligas was decided upon.The five league champions and the runners-up of the Regionalliga Süd/Südwest will then play-off for the three promotion spots in a home-and-away series.The new leagues will consist of up to 22 clubs in their inaugural season but will then have to be reduced to between 16 and 18 clubs.As clubs in the Regionalliga must have their teams licensed by the DFB on a per-season basis, a team may also be relegated by having its license revoked or by going into administration.

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